Freestyle Legend Karim Mallem aka Trance Man


KARIM MALLEM alias Trance Man is one of the best freestyler in the world a MAN practicing freestyle in motion. Karim share the ball with great spirit, smile and soul. For exemple “KARIM et son ballon ”

KARIM joined the team in 2005 in Strasbourg and Geneva for the filming of the DVD bestseller “Master the ball”. He went to us with Amadou Gueye and Tafar, the 2 rasta from the first NIKE freestyle video clip. He did DVD “Play with style” in 2007 and “The Game” in 2008.

KARIM won the first KOMBALL contest in 2006 in Berlin. Until now he is always faithful to KOMBALL. Tx KARIM for sharing Your SOUL.

KARIM cover MTBIMG_7551Karim 205




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